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MyView User Guide


6th June, 2011 v1.11







1. Introduction. 1

2. Logging In/Out 1

3. Navigation. 4

4. Personal Details 4

5. Payslips and P60s 8

6. Expense Claims 9

7. Frequently Asked Questions 13




1. Introduction


This is a guide to using MyView, which enables you to view and amend some of your own personal information on-line.  The following facilities are available:


Your Personal details          

Payslips and P60s


Manager module

Holiday booking

View Sickness Records

Other Absence Recording

Timesheet recording for temporary staff


If any of the details are incorrect, and you are unable to amend them, please contact your HR advisor.


2. Logging In/Out

2.1 HR Self-Service is accessed via: 


The service is available from work locations and externally, for all current permanent employees on the payroll. It is not available to students, PhD students or external examiners.


Once you have a University of West London email address, new users of the system should click on [forgotten password]. You will be asked for your staff ID (i.e. ID number under your name on your ID card, and not the library number beginning with P) and for your date of birth. If these are entered correctly, you will receive an email to your University of West London email address within a minute.  You then have half an hour to log in using the password in the email.   Take care to copy the password exactly, without any spaces at the beginning or end and including special characters such as brackets or full stops.  There should be 6 digits in the password.  If the email does not arrive, please log a call with the IT service desk.


Log in here, using your staff number and password:





Click “Sign In” on the right hand side of the log-in box.



2.2 Logging in


When you log in for the first time, or if your account has been re-set after 5 invalid log-in attempts, you should use the password sent to you by email. You will be asked for your date of birth, which can be in the format DDMMYYYY OR DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 01/03/1975.   You will also be asked to create a set of security validation questions which will be asked at random during subsequent log-ins. These are case sensitive.  When you have completed your questions, click on ‘set my user questions’.


The system will ask you to change the password from the Old Password (i.e. the one reset or in the forgotten password email) to one with at 6 characters, including a number.  The password is case sensitive.




For subsequent log-ins, use your staff id and the new password you have set, but NOT your usual email password (unless you have set them to be identical).


2.3 Changing password


If you would like to change your password, there is an option to do this after you have logged in the top right hand log-in box.


2.4 Invalid log-ins


If you try to log in with an invalid staff number or password, the message “Alert – invalid log-in” will appear. Check that the password has 6 digits, at least one number and no spaces before or after the password.  After 5 invalid log-ins or if your security information is not correct, your account will be suspended and you should email with your name and staff number, advising that you have received the log-in suspended error message and requesting that your account be unlocked.


2.5 Logging out


When you have finished the session, always click Sign Out in the top right hand side of the screen. This will ensure that nobody else can look at your information once you move away from your pc.  The system will automatically time out after 15 minutes.



3. Navigation


The logging-in box provides you with these options:



View your details -  a summary of key information about you held in the HR system


change password

update profile – this allows you to change your security question responses

Go To – a drop-down box of all the options available from the Home page

sign out – the blue box turned on its side.


When you are editing information in a screen, you will have the following options on a menu on the bottom right hand side of the screen:


Back             Go back to previous page

Reset            Resets any changes to original values

Save             Save work in progress but not ready to complete

Submit When you are ready, updates the system

Search When a search option is available only



4. Personal Details


4.1  Making changes

To make an amendment or view details, click on choices on the screen:


Bank Details

Contact Details

Equal Opportunities Details

Next of Kin/Emergency contact



Once in the screen you have chosen, click on the ‘edit these details’ button on the right hand side of the screen in the blue bar. The background to some of the fields turn white; these are the fields which you can change. Those fields which remain grey can only be changed by contacting your HR Advisor. 




4.2  Personal details

You can view your personal details by following the link on the home page or from the GO TO drop-down box.  You can view the following details:




Other forename

Known as -  you can change the first name you are usually known as by clicking on the ‘edit these details’ button in the blue bar above the details and submitting the change. This is the only personal detail you can change on this screen.

Date of birth


National Insurance number


To edit your details, click on the section you wish to update.







4.3 Bank details

This page shows:


Account name

Account number (only the last four digits will appear). For security purposes, the others are shown as asterisks.

Building Society Roll Number

Bank details:  sort code, bank name and branch.


You can amend the account name and number and building society roll number, and the bank sort code. Click on [edit your details], then type in your new bank account number in the Account Number box, and your old bank account number in Account Number (confirmation) box. If your new account is at a different branch or bank, you will need to update the sort code. The system will provide details of the branch when you enter the sort code.  When you have finished, click on Submit (as Save will only save your changes until later and not send them off to Payroll).


Please note that in order to guarantee payment into a new account in the current month, all changes must be made no later than the 7th of the month. 


If you are currently being paid by cheque, you can enter your bank details on Self Service, but you will need to contact Payroll services to ask them to arrange for payment into your bank account.


4.4  Next of kin

It is helpful for University of West London to hold details of an emergency contact or next of kin in the case of sudden illness or emergency. You will be asked for a name, address and telephone number which you can update.


4.5  Confirmation of changes

You will receive a confirmation message telling you that the amendment to the details has been submitted. Click Continue to return to the Personal details screen, where you can see a list of any changes which have been submitted.  You will also receive an email confirmation message.


If you go back into the form, all fields you have changed appear in yellow.





Forms are listed as Authorised when the information you have provided has been submitted and updated within the system, or Open when the information has been saved but not yet submitted by you.


When you are ready to confirm the changes in an Open form, click on the form number and the page containing the changes will appear, then click on Submit. The form will then appear in the list as Authorised and the HR system updated.


Should you ever receive a confirmation message for a change that you do not think that you made, you can log in and check the list of changes to see details, and report any problems immediately to your HR Advisor.   


5. Payslips and P60s


From the front page or the GO TO drop-down box, you can access a page offering you the ability to view or print your payslips and P60s.


Payslips are available from June 08 onwards; click on the Pay Date you wish to view.



P60s from 2006 are available; click on [View] for the Financial Year you wish to view.


Select the required pay period or pay date by clicking on the desired date. This will open an image of the original document.  When you have opened the image, you have to option to print it by selecting the print option in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Select ‘back’ to close the screen.



Note: To print using Internet Explorer, please ensure that you set the correct print options; Internet Options, go to the Advanced tab, Printing and tick the ‘Print background colours and images’ box.


6. Expense Claims


Log in to MyView and from the Welcome Page


6.1 Viewing current and previous claims





Click on Expense Claims or select Expense Claims from the GO TO list, and you will see a list of the claims you have entered to date through MyView.


Submitted claims have been sent off for authorisation by the budget holder or their representative and Finance

Open claims are those which have been started and saved, but not yet submitted by you for authorisation. If a claim is still showing as Open, your manager will not have been asked to authorise it until you Submit the form.

Rejected claims have been rejected by your authorising manager or by Purchase Ledger; if you open the claim, you should see the Reason for Rejection at the bottom of the claim.

Authorised claims have gone through ready to be picked up by Payroll for processing. If they have gone through by the 7th of the month, you should receive payment in the same month; otherwise, they should be paid in the following month.

Withdrawn claims are those which you have opted to withdraw, e.g. if you have noticed an error.















6.2  Raising a new claim

At the top right hand side is a link to the University’s Staff Expenses Policy, where you can find up to date guidance and rules on what can be claimed and how.



6.2.1  Create New Claim

At the bottom right hand side you will see Create New Claim. Click on this to start a new claim for each month. You will also see your job title. If you have more than one post, you can select the post against which you wish to claim expenses in the drop-down list.


6.2.2  Claim Description

If your form contains Mileage only, we suggest that you amend the Claim Description to say “Mileage Only”, as this will alert Purchase Ledger to process your claim without waiting for receipts.  Otherwise you can leave it as ‘New Claim’ or include the month the claim is for.



6.2.3   Select expense category

Choose the category for the expense you are claiming, from Staff travel, Mileage, Hotel accommodation and meals, Hospitality outside University of West London and Miscellaneous expenses. There is a drop down menu for different types of staff travel e.g. rail fares. The Miscellaneous Expenses should be used very rarely, and any expense under this code will be closely scrutinised by Finance to ensure that it meets the University’s expenses policy.


6.2.4  Add Expense Items

For each item in the claim, enter the date when the expense was incurred, the amount claimed for that item and a description.  The description should be enough for the person authorising it to be clear what is being claimed for and why.  In the cases of travel or mileage, it should include if the journey is single or return and the start-end points.  You should calculate mileage yourself following the policy guidelines e.g. using standard rail fare equivalents for standard journeys or multiplying mileage by the current mileage rate for non-standard journeys.  Mileage claims which use the rail equivalent (e.g. standard journeys between Ealing-Reading) should be raised under Mileage, and not Rail.  The Value, whether under Rail or Mileage, is always in money, and not number of miles.


In general, you do not need to enter the over-ride cost code, unless you have been asked to charge the costs to a specific project cost code. You will only need to do this if you have specifically been asked to charge expenses out to a project or another Department, who should be able to provide you with the Budget Centre and nominal code (e.g. OACN 01502). 


If you use the search facility, the list of codes will appear in the format below.

2400 OACN 01502

The first four digits are the Nominal code and can be ignored because the system will automatically substitute the correct code in for this (e.g. rail fares, accommodation). The second 4 characters are the budget centre and the final 5 digits indicate the activity code.  You can select any code which has the budget centre and activity code you require, regardless of the first four digits.


If the code does not already exist in the list, please contact your Management Accountant in Finance for advice.


If you have exceeded the time limit for submitting expenses, a warning message will come up, but you will be able to continue.


Continue adding lines as required by clicking on the [+] on the right hand side or if there is a drop down menu, you can continue to select new lines. You can keep a running total during the month by adding lines and saving the claim, then submitting it at a later date when you are ready to claim, so that it only requires one set of approvals.  Totals will be calculated automatically.






6.2.5  Submit the claim

You can keep a running total of claims during the month by clicking on Save. This will not submit the claim for authorisation.


When you are ready to send the claim for authorisation, click on submit at the bottom of the page.  A summary sheet will appear; if you only have mileage on the claim, you need not print it off (unless your local processes require you to), but for all other claims, you should print off the summary, attach the original receipts and pass it to your authorising manager.


6.3 Authorising Claims

Your authorising manager will receive an email asking them to authorise the claim. Once authorised, it will pass to Purchase Ledger; when they receive the summary sheet plus receipts and have checked that they are correct and in line with University policy, they will authorise the claim.  This will generate an email to you to advise you that your claim has been approved, and payment will be made via payroll along with your salary. 



6.4  Rejecting Claims

Claims may be rejected by either the authorising manager or by Finance, and you will receive an email to let you know that the claim has been rejected.  To find out why, click on the claim which has been rejected and you can find a box where the manager should explain why it has been rejected.  If it is simply the result of a mistake, you can Reopen the claim, correct it and then Submit it again for approval.


7. Frequently Asked Questions

7.1 MyView

I’ve lost/never received an initial log-in password.

I’ve forgotten my password.

On the top right hand side of the log-in screen, click on ‘forgotten password’. Follow the instructions ensuring you enter your date of birth in the following format DD/MM/YYYY or DDMMYYYY.


An email will be sent instantly with a temporary password which is valid for the next 30 minutes. Please copy this password into MyView, ensuring there are no spaces at either side (there should be 6 characters). This will then bring you to the security set up and access to your MyView profile.


When I try to log in, I get an ‘invalid log-in’ message.

Check the following:


Try requesting a ‘forgotten password’ from the log in page.


If you continue to have problems, you should log a call to the IT service desk on 7545 for assistance.


When I use my forgotten password email, it asks me to change the password, using the ‘old’ password. What is this?

The ‘old’ password is the one which has just been sent to you in the forgotten password email, and the new one is the one you wish to create yourself.


I’ve requested a forgotten password and no email has arrived.

Check that you are using the correct staff id.  If that does not work, log a call to the IT service desk for assistance or call 7545.


I’ve tried logging in 5 times and the screen showed ‘login suspended’. What do I do now?

Email and explain that your login has been suspended. They will reset it for you.


I’ve forgotten what I put for my security questions.

Use the forgotten password facility. You will be asked to reset your security questions and your password.  Nobody other than you can view or change these details.


Can I access MyView from home?

Yes.  You will first be asked for your exchange email credentials e.g. smitjoh and your normal email password. The MyView log in screen will then appear.  Please log off and close your browser when you’ve finished.





I’m leaving the University of West London.

Once you have left the University of West London, you will no longer have access to MyView. You should print out or take an electronic copy (in the browser, File, Save As, Webpage complete) of any documentation you will want to keep e.g. payslips. You will receive a hard copy of your final payslip in the post.


Can I access MyView from a MAC?

MyView can be used from a MAC, but you will be unable to use the [forgotten password] facility. If you need to be set up with a password or have forgotten your password, you will need to find a pc to do this; after that, you can log in from the MAC as usual.


MyView keeps hanging. What’s going wrong?

MyView is not yet compatible with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).  You can either use Firefox as an alternative browser or run MyView on IE8 in ‘compatability mode’.  You can see if you are running IE8 by going to Internet Explorer, menu option Help, then About Internet Explorer. Click on this and it will tell you what version you are running. If it is IE8, then go to Tools on the top menu, and select Compatibility Mode as follows:



Type “” where it asks you to Add this website, click Add and then Close.



7.2 Personal Details/Payslips

I have moved house. How do I update my address?


Go to ‘Personal Details’. Click on ‘Contact Details’ which will bring up your current contact details held on file for you. To amend these click on [edit these details] at the top right of the form. You will then be able to all fields which are highlighted; fields that are greyed out cannot be altered. Once you are happy the details are correct click on [submit] at the bottom right of the form. This will submit your changes and automatically update the HR/Payroll system.


NB: Do not use punctuation marks e.g. full stops or commas.



I have changed bank accounts. How do I update my record?


Go to ‘Personal Details’. Click on ‘Bank Details’ which will bring up your bank contact details held on file for you. To amend these click on ‘Edit These Details’ at the top right of the form. You will then be able to all fields which are highlighted; fields that are greyed out cannot be altered.


NB: When the system asks you to confirm your account number, please enter your previous account number not your current account number.  This is a security check.


Once you are happy the details are correct click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom right of the form. This will submit your changes and automatically update the HR/Payroll system.


Changes to Bank Details must be made by the 7th of the month in order to take effect in the same month’s pay.


When I type over my details in the Personal Details section, nothing happens.

In the blue bar that runs just above your details, on the right hand side, are the words ‘edit my details’ in dark blue. Click here and the information that you can edit will have a white background.  Then Submit the details to update the HR system.



I recently got married and would like to change my name, what do I have to do?


Please contact your HR Team. You will need to provide HR with either the original or verified copy of your Marriage Certificate.


My job title is incorrect, how do I get this amended?


Please contact your HR Team


I would like to know my Grade and Spine Point, where do I find this?


At the top right of MyView is the navigation box where you can quickly go to sections of MyView. Click on ‘View My Details’. A second window will pop up. Click on ‘Appointment History’. You will see the current grade you are on as well as your contracted hours, job title etc. In order to see your grade click on the ‘+’ by Pay Grade, which will bring up a second window with a history of your salary. By clicking on each historical date you can view the grade, point, salary and rate of pay.  Please note that this does not reflect London Weighting or allowances.




I would like to know my start date of employment with UNIVERSITY OF WEST LONDON, where can I find this information?


Please contact your HR Team.


I have lost my P60, can I access this via MyView?


Your P60 can be viewed and printed via MyView.  Once logged into MyView go to ‘Payslips’. The P60’s can be found below the Payslips. Click on the year you wish to view.



Where can I find my start date of employment with the University of West London?

In the top right hand corner in the log-in box, select [view my details] and the Appointment History. Click [+] on the Contract Hours for more information.



7.3 Expenses

What happens if my manager or Finance reject my claim?

If they reject it, you will receive an email advising you of that, and you will be able to see any reason for rejection they have made on the claim form.  You can then re-open the claim, make any necessary corrections or amendments and submit it again.


I’ve submitted a claim but realise that I have made a mistake. What should I do?

Open the claim and click on [withdraw].  It is suggested that you let your authorising manager know that you have done this, as it will disappear from their list of items to be authorised.


How will I know where my claim is in the approval chain?

Once you have submitted the claim, your manager has 7 days to approve or reject it.  If they do not do this within that time, the claim will automatically be rejected and you will be informed that it has not been approved within 7 days by email.  If your authorising manager knows that they are going to be away, they should set up delegation on the system so that another person will be responsible for authorising claims. If they are away unexpectedly e.g. through sickness, their manager can set up the delegation rules on their behalf.  If they have simply missed the deadline, you can reopen the claim and submit it again.


If you have not heard after 7 days, the claim has moved on to Purchase Ledger, who will be awaiting your receipts. You will know when the claim has been approved by Purchase Ledger, when you receive an email to advise you.


Forms are shown as:

Open – you have saved it, but not yet submitted it for approval/finalisation

Submitted – you have sent in the form but it has not yet been authorised

Rejected – either timed out without being authorised or else your manager has rejected it (see the comments section on the form for their reason)

Authorised – means that the form has been authorised. If it is an expense claim, it has either been paid already or will be picked up in the next pay run.


I can’t remember if I claimed for an item previously.

A full history of claims is available when you log in.


I’m not sure what to put in the Over-ride cost centre.

Unlike on the paper forms, most staff will not need to include a cost centre, as the cost codes are calculated automatically.  You will only need to do this if you have specifically been asked to charge expenses out to a project, in which case talk to the project manager or your Management Accountant. 


If you use the search facility, the list of codes will appear in the format below.

2400 OACN 01502

The first four digits are the Nominal code and can be ignored because the system will automatically substitute the correct code in for this (e.g. rail fares, accommodation). The second 4 characters are the budget centre and the final 5 digits indicate the activity code.  You can select any code which has the budget centre and activity code you require, regardless of the first four digits.


If you have two or more posts, you will see a drop-down list next to the ‘create new claim’ button, and you can raise separate claims against whichever of the posts is appropriate.



I’ve been waiting over a fortnight and have not received an email telling me my claim has been approved. 

First of all, log on and check that you have submitted the claim (and that it is not still Open).  If it has been submitted, the delay is most likely to be because your original receipts have not yet been received by Purchase Ledger. First check that the authorising manager has posted them off, and if they have, call Purchase Ledger on x7708 for advice.


I’m getting a pink warning message that my claim is over 93 days old.

Finance regulations state that claims should be submitted within 3 months. The system will alert you and Finance if the date the cost was incurred is prior to 3 months old, but will not stop you from submitting the claim.


Do I have to submit a separate claim for each mileage claim?

No, you should submit one claim per month and add extra mileage lines to the claim. See section 6.2.4 above for how to do it.


How do I know who my Authorising manager is?

Your manager, colleagues or local administrator should know.  If they cannot help, email


I’ve submitted a claim but my manager hasn’t received an email asking them to authorise it and cannot see it in their MyView authorisations box.

First check that you submitted the form rather than saved it. (Submit will send the form off to the authoriser, whereas save allows you to create and add to a form and submit it at a later date).


It may be that the manager you have discussed it with is not the authorising manager for expenses.  In some areas, only the most senior budget holder authorises claims.


I’m moving job.

You should submit all outstanding claims before you move so that your current budget holder can authorise the claims. Once you have changed post, you ill only be allowed to raise claims from the date you started in the new post.  If you do not realise this until after you have moved jobs, please email hr-selfservice for advice.


I have received an email saying that my expenses have been rejected. What should I do next?

If your manager has rejected them, there is a space for the reason for this on the form; the manager should update the form with the reason. You can then reopen your form, change it and resubmit it with any corrections.


If your manager has not approved it within 7 days, you should check with them if there is a problem. 


I’m an Hourly Paid Lecturer and need to raise an expense form.

Contact so that the facility can be made to work for you.


7.4 Holiday booking

1.    How do I request holiday?


All annual leave requests must be submitted using MyView which will then go to the line manager for authorisation. Leave may only be taken with the prior agreement of the line manager.


This is currently only available for Full Time staff


Please see the short online demo which sits within the Holiday section of MyView for instructions on how to book leave on MyView.


2.    How do I request a half days leave?


For full time staff you request a single day’s leave and select the date. MyView will give you the option to select either ‘am’ or ‘pm’. This will deduct a half day from your entitlement.


3.    I’m Term Time Only and I have Holiday showing up in my profile. Can I book leave?


Annual Leave should appear on the MyView profile with zero hours for Term Time Only Staff. As Term time only employees’ annual leave and bank holiday entitlement are incorporated into their salary, no holiday can be booked.



4.    I don’t think my entitlement is right on MyView. How can I check this?


Please refer to the Annual Leave entitlements which can be found on the HR Intranet site. If you still feel your leave entitlement is incorrect, please contact your relevant HR Team or email


5.    How do I carry over leave into the next leave year?


The system will not automatically carry forward days from one year to another. You will have to request extra days for the following leave year, giving the reason, which will go to your line manager for authorisation.


6.    I have increased/decreased my hours. Will this be reflected in my entitlement on MyView?


When a change to an employee’s hours is processed on the HR/Payroll system, the system will automatically recalculate your leave entitlement accordingly. This will then reflect on you MyView profile when you next log in.


7.    I have 5 years / 10 years service. Does my entitlement on MyView reflect this?


When you reach 5/10 years service mid leave year the system will not automatically calculate this. You will need to request the extra days, pro rata, to your current leave year to reflect this increase.


The following leave year will reflect the increased entitlement.


8.    I am trying to book leave and I am getting the following error message ‘Unable to determine work pattern of holiday. Please ensure first day is a working day and try again’, what do I do?


Please contact who will be able to resolve this issue.


9.    I was sick while I was on leave. Can I claim this back?


If an employee falls sick whilst on annual leave, normal reporting and certification arrangements apply.  Annual leave may be reclaimed for the days the employee is sick provided that a medical certificate is supplied to cover these days. 


On MyView you must cancel the entire leave period where the sickness occurred and then rebook any leave that was not covered by sickness.


10. I am due to go on Maternity leave. What will happen with my leave entitlement?


During paid maternity leave, you will accrue annual leave at your contractual rate. Subject to agreement with your line manager/HR, you may be permitted to add this to your maternity leave. Any leave that needs to be carried over to the following leave year due to the accrual of leave over Maternity can be done by ‘Requesting Extra Days’.


For further guidance on maternity leave please contact your HR team.


11. How do I request discretionary / special leave?


Currently only holiday can be booked online. In order to book discretionary / special leave a request must be submitted to your line manager via the Discretionary Leave form, which can be found on the HR Intranet page, which then goes to HR to process.


For further guidance on discretionary / special leave please contact your HR team.


12. Do I need to book the Christmas holiday closure days?


If the University closes over the Christmas period on the grounds of efficiency, this will not be deducted from your entitlement and you do not need to book leave.


13. We often get a discretionary ½ day on Christmas Eve. I want to take Christmas Eve off – do I book the whole day or just the morning?


A whole day must be booked, as the afternoon is not guaranteed.


14. Who authorises my holiday?  Is it the same person as authorises my expenses?


Your direct line manager approves holiday requests. In some areas, expenses are approved by nominated representative agreed with Finance, so it may not be the same person as the one who approves holiday requests.


15. Can I book leave in this leave year when my entitlement is used up?


MyView does not allow leave to be booked over and above your entitlement.


16. What if my manager isn’t around and I want to take holiday?  Can I book in arrears or on the same day? 


You should gain authorisation from another manager.  You can then make a request in arrears, although the booking still requires the manager to authorise it on their return.


It may also be the case that your manager has delegated this task to another manager or deputy while on leave which would mean your request would be dealt with during your manager’s absence.   

For further guidance, see the HR intranet site for HR policies or contact your HR Advisor.


17.  Can I see when my colleagues are on holiday, so that we can plan cover?

The Peer Planner allows you to see leave for all the people who report to the same line manager as you do.


7.5 Managers Access / Authorisations / Delegation


I have had an email to say a member of staff has submitted an expense claim / holiday request.  How do I approve it?


Once logged into MyView, the home page will have a section called ‘Authorisations’. Within this, all requests waiting for your approval will appear.


First click into ‘Authorisations’. Then click on each request to open it. Once open you will see all details of the request. At the bottom right of the request will be buttons to either ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ each request. There is also a notes filed that can be completed if you wish to provide any further information or feedback to your team member.


You can also authorise through the Manager Access area.  This can provide useful additional information for holiday booking, as you see the full team’s calendar if you authorise from here.


I have had an email to say a member of staff has submitted an expense claim / holiday request, but when I log in, I can’t see the request.

There are several possible reasons for this:

-      For holiday bookings, the direct line manager authorises the request. If you look on Manager Access, all the people who report direct to you are shown on the screen.  For expenses, the budget holder is usually the authoriser, although in some areas this is delegated to another person.

-      The person may have withdrawn the request.

-      After 7 days for expenses and 10 days for holidays, if a request has not been authorised by you, it will ‘time out’ and go back to the employee as rejected. An email will be sent to the employee to inform them and they will have to reopen and resubmit the request.

-      If you have delegated authorisation to another person, it is also possible that they have already authorised it.

-      Via Manager Access, tick on the staff member’s name and then the type of form you want to look at under Modules.  You should be able to see if the staff member has actually submitted the form – sometimes they have only saved it and therefore it has not come to you for authorisation.


How do I delegate authority to authorise expenses / leave to my assistant / deputy?

Go to Manager Access. There is a link here to a short video (less than 5 minutes with fast forward facilities) to demonstrate how to do this on the system.


A member of my staff does not appear in my team. How do I get them added?


Please contact your HR Team / with the relevant information so that we can amend the structure of your team.


A member of staff has submitted an expense claim over 90 days old.  Can I approve this?


The Financial Regulations state that all expense claims must be made within 90 days. MyView will highlight any claims that are made over this period to you and to Finance. You can continue and approve the claim, although Finance may challenge it.


Does the system automatically refresh each time my team changes?

No. You will need to review the delegation rules periodically to add new team members.  


Can I delegate authorisations for expenses to one person and for holidays to another?

Delegation is very flexible.  You can have different rules for expenses and holidays. You can also split authorisations so that one person deals with one group of selected individuals and another person deals with a different set.



I have delegated authorisations to someone else. Will I get an email if they authorise something?

No.  You can look at a team member’s holiday or expenses page via Manager access and see if the request form has been authorised if you need to.


Do I have to set up a delegation rule every time I am away for more than a week?

You can set up a delegation rule with no end date, which will allow a person to carry out the activity indefinitely. If you only want them to do the task when you are away, tick the absence box.  This will automatically identify when you have booked leave on the system or are shown as being sick and divert your authorisations for that period only.


I have sign-off of expenses for a team which doesn’t report to me.  When I go to delegate for absence, they do not appear in the list of people I can delegate for.

Your manager will have to set up the delegation rule to delegate authorisations in your absence to someone else (other than themselves).


When I go into the Authorisation module, I can’t see the team planner when I go to authorise someone’s holiday.

If you authorise holiday via the Authorisation module, you will only see the calendar for the person requesting holiday. To see the full team’s planner, authorise through the Manager Module.


What happens to a claim or holiday booking if the post belonging to the authorising manager is vacant?

The request will be escalated to the next level of management up.